Demonstrate a Range of Practical Administration Skills

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A06 Demonstrate a range of practical administration skills Telephone calls Phone 1: I had a previously made a reservation at the Hilton Hotel for Friday 30th November, I decided to ring up the hotel to confirm that I would be checking into the hotel on that date. When I first rang the person speaking to me asked for my personal details such as things like my home address and the room number that I had booked. I also asked the receptionist talking to confirm any facilities that were included within my booking fees such as meal costs, internet access DVD players and air conditioning in the room. As I was talking to the receptionist her tone was very loud and clear, I took down notes from what she had said and I also asked further questions which she answered to a full satisfactory level. Phone 2: I am working at the Hilton Hotel on the reception desk when I received a phone call from a guest in the hotel complaining that their television was not working properly. When this problem first arose I immediately apologised to the guest and reassured them that I would send a member of staff to go and repair the faulty television. When the customer first rang they sounded very agitated, however I kept my tone of voice calm and appropriate to the situation. I took down notes of the problem the name of the guest and the guests’ room number, I then stored this information into the hotel’s computer in case the problem arose again in that room with the same guest or if another booked in on a later date. Fax handling: I am going to give very straight forward instructions on how I have used a fax machine: Sending a fax: * Turn on the fax machine * Retrieve the fax number of the person you wish to send a fax to * Gather the documents that are required to be sent to the person and ensure that they are in the order that you want them to be sent and received.

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