Demonic Possession Essay

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Demonic Possession is held by many beliefs to be controlled by malevolent super natural being. Descriptions of demonic possessions may include in memory loss, differences in personalities, convulsions, fits and fainting as if someone were dying. Some possessions get so vulnerable that priest and other holy people may get severely injured or even die. Unlike channeling or other forms of possession the victim has no control of their body until the demon is religiously forced out usually formed by exorcisms. Many cultures and religions contain some concept of demonic possession, but the details vary considerably. The oldest reference from demonic possession are from the Sumerians who believed that all diseases and body of the mind were caused by “sick demons” called gidim. The priest who practiced exorcisms were known as ashipu- or physician. Many cuneiform tablets contains many prayers to certain gods, asking them protection of demons, while others ask the gods, to expel the demon that has invaded their bodies. In ancient times, people believed that evil spirits would enter the body and take control of it. This was an easy explanation of epilepsy and madness, we thought. Even today we still don’t understand what causes these horrible things and why it happens to some of us. Some people put the blame on the evil spirits around us everyday. These evil spirits are usually compared to demons, devils, and unclaimed spirits. In some demonic possessions resembles many personality changes. In this case the demon participates by taking control of the mind. One difference is that an alternate personality usually doesn’t take permanent control. But even when it isn’t control, it could still be lurking within the person’s subconscious, and still might be able to influence behavior. People may think their going insane, but really they are being taken over by something you

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