Demolition or Attack 9/11 Essay

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Martin Guardado Dr. Long English 350 03/02/15 The Demolition in 9/11 On 9/11 two passenger planes struck The Twin Towers of The World Trade Center, and moments later the two buildings collapsed. It appears that the reason behind the collapse was because of the impact of the plane and the fire that followed. To others, such as some survivors, non-governmental researchers, engineers, and scientists that have studied or witnessed the collapse, it appears as a demolition. Despite the reasons for the collapse of the twin towers and building 7 on the official report of 9/11 by the government and the authority figures associated with it, other non-government figures such as researchers, engineers, scientist and surviving witnesses provide a clearer explanation on what caused the buildings to collapse. On the official report of 9/11 it says that the collapse happened because of the fire in the buildings, but regardless other evidence contradicts this theory. In the documentary 9/11 Mysteries: Demolitions, during an interview with NBC News Professor Jones states that a molten metal was found in the basement of all three buildings, and the only way that the steel would have been able to liquefy the way it did was if Thermite was placed in the buildings to burn the steel, because open fire cannot reach the heat level necessary to melt steel. The professor’s argument shows validity because molten metal was found in all three buildings and in contrary to the repot fire alone did not contain the heat needed to cause the metal to melt. The report failed to clarify the molting of the metal in the fires that pulled down all three buildings. The report given by authority states that the buildings dropped because of the planes crashing into the building and the after math destruction that followed those incidents but fails to state any reasons behind explosions

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