Democratic Values Essay

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In this assignment I will be addressing the ways that everyday democratic values and the language associated with democracy can be embedded in the actions and relationships of individuals working with children and young people. I will establish that democracy is a fundamental value in its own right, but that it has many components including other values such as respect and privacy along with the basis for the way in which we would like others to treat us. I will be outlining ‘everyday democracy’ and that this means the empowerment over decisions we make that directly affect our lives. Next, I will determine the importance of democratic language and how it is reflected in different generations. I will consider the element of ‘power’ within these relationships and reflect on why, as a nation, we seem reluctant to use the language of everyday democracy with children and young people. I will address how values, both personal and that of organisations can contribute to ethical practice by forming the ‘rules’ through which decisions are made. There are times when values and ethical practice may clash and reflecting on practice as individuals along with the children, young people and families with whom we work would be necessary. I will consider competing values and social change in the teaching of citizenship in secondary schools. This was combined within lessons that emphasised the personal and individual and that to promote social structures and awareness – schools need lots more teachers with social science backgrounds. The views and opinions expressed everyday through media outlet are a major example of the production of democratic values. Unquestionably, having open and free space to discuss what topics concern ourselves and others is what allows us to be heard and listened to. The rights to express our opinions has been shown throughout history and the

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