Democratic Society Essay

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Democratic Society What is the book definition of a democratic society? “A democracy by definition is government through elected representatives. It is a form of society which favours equal rights, freedom of speech and a fair trial and tolerates the views of minorities. A healthy civil society requires responsible and active citizens who value the system of government and work towards a shared vision of civil life.” The key role to be an individual in a democratic society is to participate in public life by doing jury duty, vote for a new president, and doing public service. To be in a democratic Society, people are required to serve jury duty. Jury duty is when people have to serve on a jury and find out if the defendant is guilty of the crime or not. Jury service is a high duty of citizenship. It is a chance to see if your neighbor is guilty or was framed by an unknown suspect. You are the only chance of the defendant to prove himself not guilty and not go to jail or attend any other punishments. When you are on jury, you have to take your job seriously and look at all of the evidence that is obtainable like No.8 in the Twelve Angry Men.”Just like paying your taxes or voting, jury duty is an essential part of maintaining the civic infrastructure most of us take for granted.” says Steve Kherkher. To keep the government going, every four years a new president must come and take the reins of the government and steer it towards economic and political success. Also, by you voting, you have some say in the government. If it wasn’t for voting we would not be a democracy. When you vote, you can pick someone with the same views as you on certain topics as such as war or taxes. “Every vote has significance. Several elections have been decided by a single vote. In other elections, the vote was tied and the winner decided by a coin flip.” says ehow (An online
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