Democratic National Convention Pros And Cons Essay

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September 6, 2012 Eng 112- 01 The Democratic National Convention (DNC) was held in Charlotte, North Carolina this year. This event was taken seriously considering the amount of people attending and President Barack Obama came to town. The Democrats came to a predominantly democrat city to campaign ( This convention is held to do political work. Potential votes were swayed one way or another whether its in favor or the Democrats of in favor of the Republicans. There are many pros and cons when it came to the convention, many lives were affected by this event. There were many rallies, protesters, and crowds. The convention brought Charlotte much publicity whether it was negative or positive. Due to the fact the President and many others was coming into town security was expanded and everything had to be shut down. The near citizens had to leave their homes to accommodate the convention. The city didn’t try to accommodate the citizens by giving them a certain time to be in the area. No sympathy was towards the…show more content…
The traffic was ridiculous trying to go anywhere near downtown. Many had to find a new route in order to make it to a certain destination. Time was another issue when traveling, you never knew what the traffic was looking like or what you would have to encounter so it was best if people gave themselves an extra hour to travel. Others had to leave their house earlier to make it to their destination on time due to the fact a lot of roads where shut down. All Central Piedmont Campuses where closed for a whole week. Students had to start school back earlier so they could still finish on time without their being a delay. Summers where cut shorter because of the convention. One week changed many schedules for school. Not all Cpcc campuses where affected by this event but all seven of them where closed to keep them on the same schedule, considering the fact Central runs

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