Democracy Was Increased During The 1820's

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Chapter 10 1. Democracy was increased during the 1820’s due to the two democratic revolutions. One movement that occurred was the religious movement. The other movement that occurred was the extension of white male democracy which created every white male equal. It was still not full democracy because political opportunities still shrunk for women and free black men. 2. The second great awakening reflected the egalitarian and democratic reform sprit that exsisted between 1800 and 1840 because the preachers were able to reshape religion to fit the needs and values of ordinary Americans. 3. He represented the common man for several reasons. He was a self-made product of the southern backcountry. He lacked any formal education and did not inherit any source of wealth from his family members. He ended up relying on his own wits and courage to eventually become a frontier lawyer and planter in Tennessee. 4.…show more content…
They were people known as nullifiers that directly challenged Jackson in the early 1830’s over tariff policy. It was the most serious sectional crisis since the Missouri debates of 1819 to 1820. Jackson won the showdown against the nullifiers of South Carolina and established the nationalist credentials of his democratic party. 6. Jackson distrusted banks like most westerners. From his first annual message, Jackson had been making noise about not re-chartering the national bank. Jackson ended up vetoing the re-chartering bill and the business community lased out at Jackson’s veto as the demagogic ravings of an economic fool. After winning the election of 1832, Jackson went out to destroy the bank itself. 7. Some people referred to Andrew Jackson as King Andrew the first because people felt he took too much control while in office. People also said that he ignored constitutional liberties while he was president. However, people also referred to him as the common man because of his roots and due to the decisions he made while in

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