Democracy By Langston Hughes Analysis

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“Democracy” – Langston Hughes Langston Hughes, one of the most prominent poets during the Harlem Renaissance, grew up and lived in a racial discriminated United States were African Americans were still feeling the effects of discrimination and oppression. I read and analyzed many of Hughes poems, but I was only able to compare my personal perspective with one of them. “Democracy”, a poem about the lack of freedom the black population has in the United States, can be interpreted today with the status of Puerto Rico and the rights and we have not yet gained after more than one hundred years of colonialism with the United States. First of all, a brief analysis of the poem “Democracy” by Langston Hughes. It discusses the erroneous methods that were being used to achieve freedom and a democracy. He criticizes the fear and tactics used to attain democracy by stating, “Democracy will not come… through compromise and fear”. Blacks have had to sacrifice themselves in order to build the United States through the…show more content…
“Democracy will not come…Through compromise and fear.” This quote from the poem explains exactly what has happened with the Puerto Rican people, political parties, and Puerto Rican Government in the last century. Throughout the years, the citizens of Puerto Rico have been forced to conform to a colonial status that limits the freedom of many of us. We don’t even have vote in the U.S House which makes us practically non-existent in the United States Government. Freedom and democracy can only be reached when a nation has its own sovereignty which Puerto Rico does not have until people wake up and notice that all the United States wants us for is economic reasons just like the Americans wanted black slaves for the mass production of
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