Democracy Is Blackmailed By Social Activists? Essay

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Living in India,we are all familiar with what democracy means- it is a system of the people, for the people by the people.It is in fact, It is the people’s rule. Therefore , when the elected representatives of the people, the legislators, are unable or unwilling to do the right job, or to right the job done, it is the people who must step up to the plate, and do what is required, to ensure the people’s rule in a democracy. It is when a certain ,critical Lokpal Bill has not been passed in parliament 42 years after its conception, that an Anna Hazare must take up the mantle, and fight for the people’rights. It is when the government is knowingly executing plans in the greater harm,against the interests of millions of its’ own people, that a Medha Patkar is forced to stand up , and work for the Narmada Bachao Andolan, or a Chipko Movement has to be formed to protect valuable forests and the livelihood of numerous citizens. But ironically, the government is either audacious, or ignorant enough to accuse these very social activists and movements of being undemocratic, when it is their own actions that are piercing the very fabric of democracy,while a Sundarlal Bahuguna or Baba Amte attempts to weave it back by campaigning for people’s welfare. The government calls such agitations and fasts to be against democracy, but they forget that the Indian constitution gives its citizens the right to assemble peacefully, and the right to freedom of speech. The government may say that democracy is being blackmailed, but the truth is that these activists and groups are the very being of democracy, and that if people come out in their support, the government must accede to their demands,and this is not blackmailing, as democracy stands for the people being given what they demand. Furthermore, the government itself resorts to undemocratic behaviour

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