Democracy in America Essay

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Democracy in America. A common phrase that is often thought of as controversial or even misleading. Conspiracy theorists often attempt to disprove this phase, but there are many undenialable signs of the presence of democracy. Sure, sometimes we feel like to system makes decisions that are unfare, but the realisticness of pleasing 305,695,583 at once is almost unfathomable. (“U.S. Census Bureau) So in order to achieve democracy, decisions are based on majority votes. By definition, democracy is “government by the people.” ( So how exactly is the government and the course thereof decided by the people? The absolute foundation of this country is the idea of voting. A certain amount of people choose one side or another, majority wins. Such a simple, yet prosperous idea! This is contradictory to the claims of those 'theorists' though. America is of accused of being a monarchy, dictatorship, and a slew of other irrational forms of government. Take into consideration the monarchical England of the 13th century. Unless born into royalty, one had absolutely no say in policy or polity. In fact, these were the grounds on which America was discovered. In the search or religious freedom, the very first settlers founded this land we call home. It would be considered unwise if, after performing the feat of finding this land, to create yet another government under the doctrine of monarchy. Thus democracy was founded and our system was birthed. Today, we, as Americans, exercise all the luxuries of every freedom imaginable! Why does one never hear of Americans immigrating into Mexico, Canada, or even making mad dashes for the moon?! Plain and simple, America is the place to be. Next, the issue of distribution of power is arisen. Clearly the president has more power than the people, but how is his power obtained? According to the Constitution or

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