Democracy By The Sword, Principles And The Spirit

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“Democracy; by the sword, principles and the spirit” Democracy is the form of government which derives its power from the people. Democracy came from the two Greek words Demos, ”people” and “kratos” which means power. Etymologically, it means the rule of the people. To me, the Democracy that the Ancient Athenians embraced is a Democracy of the Sword, a collective consciousness of the Ancient Athenian objection to the Socratic idea of a Philosopher King and the desire for political equality. It is apparent on how the Ancient Athenians executed Socrates after the series of attempts of his followers to destroy Democracy. It is also a Democracy of the Sword because of the Ancient Athenians view war as a necessity to protect Democracy, which they claim to be the model government for other Greek City-States to follow but eventually these wars destroyed Democracy. The Democracy of the United States of America during the 20th century, as I see it, is a Democracy of principles in a sense that Ideologies are dominant in the United States. There are four dominant Ideologies namely: liberal, conservative, libertarian and populist. I tend to think that the United States view the world as a political area and it is just a mere battle of principles of state governance. This democracy was expressed during the World Wars and the Post-world war where the United States struggled to fight against Fascism, Socialism and Communism. United States also view war as necessary in protecting Democracy the only difference it had with the wars fought by ancient Athens is that United States was successful. Fascism was destroyed and the practice of communism was lessened. United States together with its Allies have influenced many countries just like India and the Philippines. Another similarity of the Ancient Athenian Democracy and the Democracy of the United States during the 20th Century

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