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Democracy can be defined in two ways: one way is that country governed by people, and the other way is that people select representatives to make the decisions on their will. However, democracy can be defined with multiple meanings and can be regarded as a very important thing in the human society. A philosopher, Schumpeter, explains the way democracy works, while a politician, Dan Quayle, deals with the importance of democracy. Democracy can make world peaceful and give people a better moral society. First of all, democracy focuses on people’s decisions more than government’s decisions. The definition of democracy from the philosopher Schumpeter is, “The democratic method is that institutional arrangement for arriving at political decisions which realizes the common good by making the people itself decide issues through the election of individual who are to assemble in order to carry out its will” (Schumpeter 106). It means democracy is a way to do the things that most people want to do. Democracy lets people make the decisions which they think are right through the election or let people make the decisions on who have the right to make political decisions. The democracy, like a CPU in the computer, tracks all the information of a computer and gives the right space in order to allow them to work well. Democracy works as fundament of a country. People are part of government, and they are even more important than the government. In Italy, the political decisions are made by normal citizens. In this way, Italian government was forced to change more than fifty times after World War II. In democracy, people can help change the government and make the government function better. People have the right to decide the issues of government. It gives the definition by comparing democracy with the monarchy or dictatorship. Dan Quayle says, “A democracy is a form of

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