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Democracy has been an existing model to governing States. Many different nations have different types of democratic methods. In Robert A. Dahl’s Procedural Democracy he advocates for democracy being the path to ruling. His paper stands to answer what a democracy is, not in terms of how nations are governed, but how one might make a decision in a small organization in a way that gives all members an equal voice. Dahl believes that a state is a democracy when it includes everyone is the decision making process. “Among other thing, the association will have rules, or will make decisions about rules, that are binding on the members. Anyone to whom the rules apply is defined as a member. Thus being subject to the rules and decisions of the association is an essential characteristic of membership” (107). For example, here in the United States we have rules that affect every citizen. These laws, some of which were created by ordinary citizens affect us, members of society. Each of us have the ability to voice our opinions. His theory stands to affirm political equality. Voting is a form of political equality in the Procedural Democracy. Claims by a significant number of member “as to the rules, policies, etc., to be adopted by binding decisions are valid, taken all around, superior or overriding in relation to the claims of this set of members” (109). This group of members Dahl refers to as demos. If everyone votes count but only a few elite controls what is on the agenda then he believes that full democracy has not been achieved. “ Our constitution is described as follows: “Our constitution is called a democracy because power is in the hands not of a minority but of the whole people. Everyone here is equal before the law, and no one, so long as he has it in him to be of service to the state, is kept in political

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