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Demo Essay

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  • on November 29, 2013
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Demonstration Speech Guidelines


  1. Prepare a speech demonstrating a process (how to do something or how to make something). When choosing your topic, consider your time frame, your personal skills and abilities, and your audience. You may decide to only demonstrate part of a process in order to adjust to the time limits (e.g., how to putt instead of how to golf, or how to decorate a cake instead of how to make an entire cake). If showing only a portion of the process, it would be wise to bring in an example of the ‘finished product’ for your audience to see (e.g. a video showing a clip of a game and how defense fits in, or a finished example of a cake or other cooking dish).
  2. This speech requires a visual aid. Remember all of the different types of visual aids so that you might use them more creatively. You can show charts or graphs that show the popularity of your topic, images that show various ways to make it, videos or cartoons that show it in use, etc.ß

  3. Speech must be within a 4 – 6 minute time frame.   Over or under this time frame will result in a penalty.

  4. You may use both sides of two 3 x 5 index cards as an aid in giving your speech, with only 15 words on each side.   You may not write out the entire speech word for word on these cards; doing so will result in failure.

  5. Written Component of Speech:   Along with verbally delivering your speech, you will submit a typed step-by-step instruction sheet.   This is NOT a script of your speech, but a formally written set of directions that go along with whatever it is that you are demonstrating.   For example, if you are demonstrating how to make the perfect PB & J sandwich, you will submit a written recipe listing all necessary ingredients and step-by-step directions for making the sandwich.   Directions should be clear and easy to follow.   Essentially, any person who views your speech and has the written directions should easily be able to go home and...

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