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Dementia is a broad term encompassing many different afflictions such as Huntingtons, Pick’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease and several others. This means that there are also many different causes of dementia. Some dementias are caused by a genetic predisposition, while others are caused by external sources such as smoking and alcohol abuse or head trauma. There are also cases where dementia is triggered as a product of another disease process such as AIDS or Syphilis (Kayton, 2002, pp. 5-6). Dementia usually presents itself as a loss in cognitive abilities such as short term memory, sense of time and a progressive decline in motor skills. But this can vary between types of dementia, for example in Alzheimer’s disease the memory loss factor…show more content…
Although they cannot communicate their condition signs such as an increased level of confusion can be present indicating an underlying cause (Brooker, 2006). Pneumonia, urinary tract infections, and unnoticed infected skin tears, are a few common problems seen in dementia patients that may go unnoticed due to their condition. If untreated these infections can continue to worsen and can result in sepsis (Dening,…show more content…
These services include: Counselling and support, Rural and Regional Services, who provide information and raise community awareness, Social and Therapeutic Activities, Library and Information Service, Support groups, Safely Home, Younger onset dementia, Safe2Walk, and Every bloke needs a shed (National Demetia Helpline, 2013). Bibliography Bourgeois, M. H. (2009). Dementia: From Diagnosis to Management - A Functional Approach. New York: Psychology Press. Brooker, D. (2006). Person-Centred Dementia Care: Making Services Better. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers. Dening, T. M. (2011). Mental Health and Care Homes. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Harrison, A. H. (2006). Mental Health Care for Nurses: Applying Mental Health Skills in the General Hospital. Oxford: Blackwell Publishing Ltd. Kayton, H. G. (2002). Dementia: Alzheimer's and Other Dementias: The 'at Your Fingertips' Guide: The Fully Updated and Comprehensive Reference Book for Alzheimer's and Other Forms of Dementia. London: Class Publishing LTD. National Demetia Helpline. (n.d.). Services we provide. Retrieved April 14, 2013, from Fight Dementia:

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