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Title: Understand and enable interaction and communication with individuals with dementia Level: 2 Credit value: 1 This unit has 2 learning outcomes: Learning outcomes | Assessment criteria | 1 Be able to communicate with individuals with dementia | 1.1 Describe how memory impairment can affect the ability of an individual with dementia to use verbal language | | 1.2 Gather information from others about an individual’s preferred methods of communicating to enhance interaction | | 1.3 Use information about the communication abilities and needs of an individual with dementia to enhance interaction | | 1.4 Use a person centred approach to enable an individual to use their communication abilities | | 1.5 Demonstrate how interaction is adapted in order to meet the communication needs of an individual with dementia | 2 Be able to apply interaction and communication approaches with individuals in dementia | 2.1 List different techniques that can be used to facilitate positive interactions with an individual with dementia | | 2.2 Use an individual’s biography/history to facilitate positive interactions | | 2.3 Demonstrate how the identity and uniqueness of an individual has been reinforced by using their preferred methods of interacting and communicating | Unit Specification Part 2, Assessment Arrangements Outline of unit content | Facilitating a basic awareness and encouraging positive interactions with people with dementia | Outline of proposed learning activities/approach to delivery | A mix of lecture, whole group, small group, discussion, feedback and activities | Outline of resources/bibliography (as appropriate) | Supporting notes provided | Assessment methods/tasks | Assessment evidence for each learning outcome | QuestionnaireGroup ExerciseInteractive Activity Exercise/ Role Play | LO 2.1, LO 1.2, LO 1.3, LO 2.2LO 1.1,

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