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Dementia Student name: Health Care Professor: Institution: Department 22nd October 2013 Dementia is an acquired syndrome that mainly brings about a decline in memory and a loss of other cognitive functions (Krishnamoorthy, 2010). In most cases, dementia leads to deficits that result to considerable destruction and compromises on occupational or social functioning. Other than impairing memory, dementia can also lead to any one of the following conditions: impaired executive functioning, apraxia, aphasia and agnosia. The disease mainly affects older people and therefore people became more prone to the disease as they age. The prevalence of dementia has been increasing with age over the past decades and this has made the disease a topic of interest to most researchers. A lot of energy has therefore been shifted towards focusing on the upcoming methods of treating the disease, care services that can be provided and support services that are normally given to people who already have the disease or even their family members (Krishnamoorthy, 2010). In addition, dementia is also a topic of interest due to other upcoming reasons like the impact that people living with dementia have on demographic changes, the need to reduce stigma in relation to the disease, and the need to improve the healthcare system to enable better delivery of services to people living with dementia among others. Evidently, different prevalence rates exist from country to country but the variance is very little. Referring to demographic trends, the number of older people that is people between the age of 65 and 80 are expected to increase (Brown, 2003). Consequently, the number of people suffering from dementia is also expected to increase as this is a disease that mainly affects older people. Comparing the numbers of the growth rate in

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