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The Types And Effects Of Dementia The Types And Effects Of Dementia Unit 40: Dementia care P1: Describe types of dementia and common signs and symptoms. P2: Outline possible effects of dementia in an individual’s health and quality of life. M1: Assess possible effects of different types of dementia on individuals and their families. What is dementia? Dementia is just a term for a number of illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, Parkinson’s disease as well as frontlobal dementia. It also describes a set of symptoms which are problems with communicating and reasoning, mood changes and memory loss. Dementia is progressive so this means that all the symptoms will only get worse, no one can underpin how quick the dementia will progress as it depends on the person as well as the dementia they have. Types of dementia P1: Alzheimer's disease This is thought to be the most common cause of dementia; and it affects about 496,000 people within the UK. The symptoms of this are mood changes, loss of memory as well as problems with reasoning and communicating. These symptoms happen due to the brain getting damaged by a certain disease or conditions. It is not always Alzheimer’s when someone has the above symptoms as it can be other conditions. But Alzheimer’s disease affects the brain and this is because it is physical disease. At the beginning of the disease protein ‘plaques’ and ‘tangles’ begin to develop within the structure of the brain and this leads to the deaths of cells within the brain. People who have Alzheimer’s have a shortage of chemicals in their brain which are important and they are important because they are involved in the transmission of messages within the brain. But as people might see Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease which means that it only gets worse as and we have no cure yet

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