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What is Clinical Decision Making? Week 1, Session 2 Informing Decision Making in Dementia Care Outline What is Clinical Decision Making? Examine concepts that inform the course conceptual framework Define clinical decision making skills in a practice context. Present an overview of dementia as a syndrome. Introduce positioning theory. Course Aims To assist with greater competence, confidence and capability in clinical decision making when working with people who have dementia and their families across a range of settings. To consider the impact of ethical and legal decision making To challenge the student to engage in analysis, synthesis and application of evidence based research about ethical and legal aspects of decision making in clinical practice. Text Books Prescribed Textbook Hughes, J. & Baldwin, C. (2006) Ethical issues in dementia care. Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London. Recommended Textbooks Nay, R. & Garratt, S. (2009). Older people: Issues and Innovations in Care. Churchill Livingstone. Nay, R. & Garratt, S. (2004). Nursing older people: Issues and Innovations. 2nd edition. Churchill Livingstone. Conceptual Framework Course Conceptual framework (Sabat,2005). Assists our understanding of the application of decision making to dementia care by outlining the close relationship between components. Conceptual Components Demography - The prevalence of dementia is rising. Communication – A person’s behaviour is driven by meaning and language. What a person says and does in social situations reveals meaning-driven behaviour and evaluative capacity. Dementia causes an inevitable loss of language. We need to spend time with the person with dementia to allow us to understand their behaviour and language. Legal – process and capacity of making decisions and the ability to carry out evaluative action diminishes with the progressive

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