Dementia Essay

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Dementia isn't when you can't find your car keys. We all do that. Experts say the condition is the health and social care challenge of the 21st century, because the UK's ageing population means the numbers affected are set to soar. The following facts and figures show the height of the challenge; 700,000 people have dementia in the UK 15,000 of those are under 65 The total affected is estimated to reach 1m by 2021 By 2051, it could reach 1.7m Women account for two-thirds of cases Dementia currently costs the UK over £17bn a year Dementia could cost the economy £50bn per year within 30 years The disease can affect a person anywhere from three to 20 years!! Dementia can be caused by a number of illnesses that affect the brain. It can lead to symptoms such as memory loss, inability to carry out every day normal living and difficulty in communicating with others, this cal also lead to frustration, confusion and depression, all of which leads to personality and behaviour changes. Sufferers will become more dependent on others to help them with tasks they were used to doing for many years. In my experience elderly people like to remain as independent as possible and the lack of mobility and understanding in late stage Dementia is very frustrating. As mentioned above behavioural and psychological symptoms will result in depression, aggression and in some cases wandering. These sufferers may need care in a specialist residential setting with trained staff and round the clock care. There are many types of Dementia, each with their own symptoms and treatments. These include Alzheimer’s, Vascular, Fronto-Temporal and Dementia with Lewy Bodies. Alzheimer’s is the most common form of Dementia and can lead to changes in the brains structure ad death of nerve cells. This disrupts the brains usual activity and capacity. With Alzheimer’s there is a shortage of

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