Demand for Beef Essay

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Beef Demand: Recent Determinants and Future Drivers Summary Abstract Motivation and Purpose Consumer demand for beef is one of the most important issues directly affecting all segments of cattle and beef production, processing, and merchandising. Understanding key consumer demand drivers is important because of the substantial economic impact they have on the industry. The purpose of this study was to provide information to the beef industry that can be used to better target future domestic beef demand enhancement strategies. Procedure Overview A comprehensive approach was taken to assess beef demand determinants. The three-pronged approach included 1) a thorough review of a large body of published research; 2) a consumer survey; and 3) a novel survey of beef demand experts. The consumer and expert surveys probed specific perceptions regarding ground beef and steak products separately to facilitate development of targeted demand enhancement strategies. Collectively, these sources provide a wealth of information on a wide spectrum of factors shaping consumer demand for beef in the United States along with synthesis of expert opinions regarding the feasibility of positively influencing identified demand drivers. Key Findings Seven broad beef product attributes were identified as potentially salient demand factors that the beef industry may be able to influence and were the central focus of this study: 1) Beef Price, 2) Food Safety, 3) Product Quality, 4) Health, 5) Nutrition, 6) Social Aspects, and 7) Sustainability. Price, Food Safety and Product Quality trumped all other attributes as important dimensions of beef demand across the spectrum of information sources analyzed for both ground beef and steak. The least important attributes were Social Aspects and Sustainability. Beef demand experts identified Food Safety and Product Quality as the
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