Demand Elasicity Essay

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TITAN’S BRAND BUILDING AND BRAND REORGANISATION STRATEGY Marketing Management In our view the disassociation of the Sonata brand from the parent Titan and its further association with TATA was a well long term planned strategy, as the association of Sonata built in quite strong with Titan and Titan in Indian context is synonymous with Watches thus a strong association of Sonata with the watches segment developed. But as we have seen that the sonata has been cannibalizing the Titan sub-brands, whether this strategy is able to bring back the style image of Titan back. This all exercise leads to the conclusion that Titan is on a path of Fortification Contents * Segmentation based on user category: * Secondary Information and Critical Analysis * Titan third-quarter net jumps 28% to Rs 1.9 cr * THE TATA BUSINESS EXCELLENCE MODEL (TBEM): * 1. The Leadership criterion checks how senior leaders create leadership system based on * 2. The Customer and Market Focus checks how the company determines customer groups, key * 3. The Strategic Planning criterion examines how the company develops strategic objectives, * 4. The Information and Analysis criteria check whether the organisation has key metrics in place * 5. The Human Resources Focus checks the appraisal system, the work environment, and the * 6. Process management examines the product design, production and delivery process, and lessmore LinkCitationEmailPrintFavoriteCollect this page TITAN’S BRAND BUILDING AND BRAND REORGANISATION STRATEGY BACKGROUND Overview of the Indian Watch Market: The watch market in India recorded an approximate volume turnover of 23 million units

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