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Dell Computer Strategic Plan Geoffrey E Sharrard American Intercontinental University Online MGT485 Unit 4 IP Dell Computers Strategic Plan Introduction Dell computer was started in 1984 by Michael Dell nineteen years old in a dorm room at a Texas University. From the beginning, Dell has focused on delivering solutions to enable smarter decisions and outcomes that are more effective for their customers. Dell is a multination information technology corporation located in Round Rock Texas. Dell manufactures their product to the customer’s needs and reduces inventory costs while providing lower prices to the consumer (Dell, 2011). Dell has a strong position in a computer industry that is changing daily. Dell makes every effort to strategically plan for any changes and opportunities. Today Dell is a recognized household name. Dell is one of the largest suppliers by designing, developing, manufacturing, and marketing, while servicing a wide range of computer systems. Dell is expanding into the global market. The organization will continue to grow with new products meeting customer demands and remain successful (Cuizon, 2010). SFAS Factors After reviewing the IFAS and EFAS, the most important strategic factors are placed in the SFAS (Hunger, Wheelen, 2007). The factors that are most important to Dell after a close review include the market, software, competition, price, products, demand, products technology, sales and internal control (Dell, 2011). Each factor has a specific reason for being place in the SAFS; these factors are the most important strategic factors the organization needs to consider and plan for in the long term. Strategic planning of Dell in the fact that Dell has to compete in the market against major organizations such as IBM, HP, ATT, etc (Farfan, 2011). Starting with the market, Dell has a strong position to include laptops,

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