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Dell Inc.’sDirect Customer Business Model | A Case Study | Submitted by: 1. List Ways that Dell conducts research on its customers to continually improve products and services. i. Dell’s innovation approach remains in their unwavering commitment to delivering new and better solutions that directly address customer needs. ii. They begin their innovation process with asking their customers, “What would you really want this thing to do? Is there a different way to accomplish that?” After that, they meet with suppliers and ask, “Can we do this in a different way?” iii. They learn from feedback from customers and suppliers. i. They listen directly from consumer interactions, organized events, and social media venues such as communities and customer panels. ii. Their top engineers, product designers and technical experts lead the company innovations as well as the team effort from Dell’s strategic partners. iii. They associate themselves with top in industry technology suppliers and original development manufacturers. iv. Dell experimented with reaching customers through social media. iv. July 2006 – Direct2Dell was launched. v. August 2006 – Blog outreach vi. December 2006 – Ratings and reviews were started on vii. February 2007 – IdeaStorm was launched viii. June 2007 – Dell joins twitter. ix. June 2007 – Dell launches EmployeeStorm. x. 2009 – Dell TechCenter. xi. June 2009 – Global Twitter revenues of $ 6.5 M. xii. December 2009 – Dell Huffington post blog was started. xiii. August 2011 – Dell Social Media and Community University 2. What are the features of Dell’s research? Dell has a direct relationship with its customers. They could either be the individual consumers or other

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