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DELL Corporate Culture Dell’s strategy is called “customer-driven innovation”. Many of the innovations begin inside Dell, led by a team of experts. Others begin as a team effort with Dell's strategic partners. The mission is to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions that meet today's real-life customer challenges and work seamlessly in existing environments and with other products. Mission Statement: Dell's mission is to be the most successful Computer Company in the world at delivering the best customer experience in markets they serve. In doing so, Dell will meet customer expectations of highest quality, leading technology, competitive pricing, individual and company accountability, best-in-class service and support, flexible customization capability, superior corporate citizenship and financial stability Dell’s corporate culture encompasses the following: • Purpose and Value: o Delivering results that make a positive difference o Leading with openness and optimism o Winning with integrity • Communications o Constant communications both within and outside the organization. Global survey where team members can share their feedback with leaders on progress against our People Strategy • Corporate Responsibility o Social responsibility, Environmental responsibility and Corporate Accountability • Performance management o Everyone has equal opportunity to perform and performance is well rewarded o Performance is evaluated based on ‘what’ objectives were met and ‘how’ they were met • Career Management o Dell follows the 70/20/10 model o 45% of all positions are filled internally o Talent Groups and Global talent programmes • Work Life balance Dell has followed a low cost strategy and tries to reach its customers directly. Dell believed that they needed to do three things to be business leaders- provide the lowest costs, best customer

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