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Dell’s strategic move to start companies in India was an obvious good move. India’s economic growth is conducive to successful business. India has proven to be Dell’s fastest growing market. It is anticipated that by 2015 the number of personal computers in India will grow 10 times. It took Dell only three years to cross the $1 billion dollar sales mark in India. Dell’s continued success is contingent upon good business practices. Dell’s success in India is not without potential challenges. One such challenge could be competition from other companies such as HP. The company’s leader must constantly be innovative to stay on top of cutting edge technology. The company can also encounter issues if it outgrows the ability to offer satisfactory and personable customer support. The initiation of their online accounting solutions program and discussion forums may be a failed attempt a good personable customer service. Dell has made some good decisions over the years. Accessibility has improved at Dell. The company has done so by opening Dell exclusive stores. By attempting to simplify its business process, Dell has improved cost efficiencies. The CEO’s decision to eliminate the direct only sales approach was a god move. Obviously this sales approach had become stagnant and the company saw a decrease in sales. Dell’s retail initiative seems to remedy the issue. The focus on small and medium business is also a good business move. Small and medium business has proven to be more stable and good for repeat sales. Dell’s new advertising campaign plan to transition from transactional to testimonial is a good move. Potential consumers rely on what current customers say about a company’s products and services. Dells continued focus on small and medium business and retail outlets will grant them continued success in

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