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Name : Muhammad Ali Registration ID: Subject: Strategic Management Topic : Case Study on DELL Course Instructor: Mr. Faisal Qureshi Q1. Driving Forces of Change in the computer industry The primary industry of Dell is personal computer and computer equipments that are evolving with the passage of time due to constant advancement of technology. The dynamic nature of environment offers certain opportunities to Dell while posed certain threats to various player of the market including Dell. The competitors of Dell can be grouped into two categories: those who sold their products directly to customer and those who use intermediary channel to distribute their products. Dell arrive its competitive advantage from three dimensions that are: 1. The value that the company creates for its customer b providing them superior technology, aesthetic designs, superior performance and technical support creates an enormous value for the offerings of the company. 2. Dell charge competitive prices for its various products in the market. The company follows variety of pricing strategies depending on the market conditions. The objective of the pricing policy is to create happy and satisfied customer profitably. 3. Dell has the ability to produce superior performance products at a very low cost due to its status in the market because the company enjoys various types of economies which are not at the disposal of other players in the market. The company thus has the ability to offer its products at significantly lower prices than its competitors in the market. 4. Dell differentiates their laptops and PC’s many different levels including direct-to-customer model, building better-quality performance and up-to-date technological products, and direct customer interaction in diverse marketplace. Q2. Key success factors (KSF’s) in the computer industry

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