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Dell (NASDAQ: DELL) is a global vendor of personal computers and is one of the largest companies in America, employing over 78,900 people (with approximately 33% located in US and rest in other countries) and earning revenues of $61.5 billion in FY 2011.[1] In addition to both desktop and notebook PCs, Dell sells peripherals, software, accessories, corporate servers and storage systems, and customer support services. Beginning in 2007, Dell began forming partnerships with large retailers across the U.S., Europe and Asia. Notable among these are Wal-Mart Stores, Best Buy (BBY), Costco Wholesale (COST), Staples, Carrefour and Suning and Gome, China's largest electronics store. These partnerships represent a drastic departure from Dell's previous strategy which purposely excluded any relationships with retailers. As a result, in addition to its traditional mail order distribution system, Dell has nearly 24,000 retail locations worldwide.[2] As corporations upgrade their computer systems to meet the compatibility requirements of Microsoft’sWindows Vista operating system, Dell’s higher-margin commercial business stands to benefit from increased demand. Dell is also responding to somewhat unimpressive PC sales growth by expanding their offerings of non-PC electronics and increasing their presence in developing countries such as India and China. News Updates[pic] Keeping in line with its line of acquisitions, Dell acquired RNA Networks, a Portland, Ore., software company. RNA Networks owns a memory virtualization technology.[3] |Contents | |1 News Updates | |2 Company Overview | |3 Business Segments[4] | |4 Products | |5

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