Delivering Human Services Essay

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The Lexington Center’s mission is too provided outside the home care for individuals. They allow them to enjoy themselves, feel free from disabilities, and provide services the individual deserves. They make sure that they receive the services that they are qualified for and guide consumers to a better future. They also help guide parents to get all the help that is available outside the Lexington center. Brokering helps consumers find the resources they need. When consumers come to you with a problem you must get them help. You might also spread the word about programs that are available to them that they do not know about. You are basically a middle person to help guide, advice, and help people to access the services they need. You also must monitor progress and keep them on track. The center provides families with pamphlets and information on services that are available to their families. There are always supervisors on the job that can help provide guidance in any direction that is needed to the outside families of the consumers. Advocating defends consumers that were denied services that you know they are eligible for. You decide if it is the right thing to push forward to get them help. Even if there are risks you should fight for your consumer. Your job is to stand up for the individual, family or community you are helping. The center does not hit this too much. They will stand up for the individual when it comes to things happening at the center but as for outside of the center they do not get too involved with problems that are occurring. Mobilizing is work where people or organizations in the community become or are motivated and organized to effect change for the better. It emphasizes community unmet needs and activates responses to these problems. Agencies work together or collaborate to fix problems in the community. You help provide better
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