Delivering Business Value with It at Hefty Hardware

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Delivering business value with IT at Hefty Hardware How effective is the partnership between IT and business at Hefty? The partnership between the two is not very effective at all in fact it seems to be toxic. The chief information officer at Hefty gets replaced about every 2 or 3 years because of this. Below are the identified short comings for both IT and the business. Issues in the case Through the case I was able to identify several issue between business and information technology. First being poor communication between the two. This problem was immediately made clear. On page 78 there was a good example of this when Paul Gutierez talks to Jenny about how the new technology meeting went. The IT team had the business team so confused during the meeting that they eventually just tuned out and IT never actually got to talking about how the new technology could be used for marketing and why it was a good idea. The next issue is the lack of integration between IT and business. Not only do they have problems communicating the points they are trying to get across in language that can be easily understood, but the business end feels as though IT does not know how to meet their goals. A good example of this is on page 76 where it is discussed that “IT people don’t even know some of our basic business functions” and “We don’t feel IT is contributing to creating new business value for Hefty.” Lastly it seems as though there is bad time management and planning on the IT end. I cannot be too harsh on this considering that many projects do not go as planned, on schedule or on budget but this did raise a red flag in the mini case. When the business side created a solution to the above issues by requesting some IT staff come along with them to see how the IT and business can connect, there was a huge issue on the IT side being able to allocate staff to go because

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