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English 43 4 October, 2011 Delinquent Students In the high school Athletes Club, the boys have been harassing freshmen girls. They would touch them in the hallway when it was crowded and make them feel uncomfortable. Even worse they were starting to push, threaten, and began to be bolder. The girls told their parents and they wanted to go to court. This behavior is very serious because the boys should not be picking on girls that are freshmen. Sexual violence is a very important issue that is coming to the front in today's school system. In the United States, sexual harassment in schools continues to grow. Today, it is very important for us to resolve the problem offenders and the amount of sexual harassment in schools. In my opinion suspension is so important for delinquent students. It is a good program that helps the juvenile’s behavior. Giving them suspension for about thirty days and doing a follow-up on the students could change their ways of living. Suspension forces delinquent students to learn about their bad behavior and their mistakes. I think suspension can help the delinquent students take responsibility for their own actions without the unpleasant reaction of jail time. Also, the juvenile is required to provide some service directly to the victims. They will have to perform community services after their school time to complete their suspension. So, I think on suspension time they would start thinking more about what they did wrong and start changing their lives. If probation will not change a delinquent student’s behavior, the Student Judicial Court will need to expel these boys from the school. I think the members who have an aggressive behavior in Athletes Club a are really big problem and it is very important to resolve this problem for people around them because they hinder other students to activity in groups. If the boys are given

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