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Carlos Aleman 4B English 2 Gt Delicious The chef worked calmly trying to prepare a masterpiece in the world of food.He sliced a oval shaped piece of bread into perfect, evenly spaced triangular slices.After that he added some sauce smoothly over the top of the bread spreading it out throughout the slices.The chef began to admire his work as he began to put cheese over the top of the sauce on the slices.Ingredient by ingredient the slices began too look crisp and delicious.The aroma was heavenly and every breath made life better by the second.He spread four circle shaped, smooth pepperonis and placed them on top of the cheese.The excitement filled the chef as he sensed his masterpiece was nearly finished.He carefully grabbed the oval shaped piece of bread, and put it on a fine tray.He stuck the tray in the oven, and watched as his perfection heated up.He took note of progress made in the oven making sure his monumental work was not overcooked or undercooked.He checked the progress all the way until the timer reached zero.He opened the oven gently unravelling the finest looking piece of food the earth had given life to.The chef’s massive smile showed just how proud he was of his work.He examined the masterpiece from top to bottom finding absolutely no mistakes in his work.It looked as delicious as a snow cone on a hot day.The jaw dropping,eye opening, and mouthwatering work of art was finally finished.The chef took one last glance at it before storing it in a box, and handing it to a customer that bought it for fifteen dollars.The chef was proud of his work, but knew that he could now make many more just like the one he had just sold.He continued making identical masterpieces in the world of art, and made the life of millions of people better everyday by selling such an appetizing type of

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