Delicacies of Deiversity Essay

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GraceTaylor PHI 100 Cultural diversity in America today has been changing as the world has been evolving. People have noticed that many cultures are acknowledging the ways they are different compared to other cultures. They tend to joke or make fun of their own selves even when others do not joke around with them about it. The way people take these jokes is all on the matter of their individual ethics and values. People do need to learn that even if your friend or someone close to you is okay to joke with you about their different cultural views, but some others may have cultural sensitivity. In the short clip, from Seinfeld, Jerry had a problem with saying statements that offended a Native American friend. Jerry had a hard time sayimg common phrases that referred to Native Americans negatively, such as, “Indian giver.” An Indian giver is someone that gives yyou something and then wants it back and tries to get it back from you. Him thinking of saying that to the girl offended her because it could’ve made her think of him disrespecting her culture since her people tried to take back the land and things they had given to the settlers. So even if it is a friend there could be a problem with saying certain phrases. Cultural sensitivity helps individual appreciate other people’s point of view as well as their culture difference. Cultural awareness helps when interacting with people from different backgrounds. Helps us learn how to respect other peers, co-workers, and for us to recognize we all come from different walks of life. Yes, it is hard to accept new ideas and ways of doing things. We must appreciate and immerse ourselves in different cultural experiences.

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