Delayed Childbirth Essay

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Running Head: DELAYED CHILDBIRTH Causes and Indications of Delayed Childbirth Crissa King California State University Northridge Causes and Indications of Delayed Childbirth Bornstein, M.H., Putnick, D.L., Suwalsky, J.T.D., & Gini, M. (2006). Maternal chronological age, prenatal and perinatal history, social support, and parenting of infants. Child Development, 77(4), 875 - 892. Retrieved September 30, 2008 from IngentaConnect database. Child Development is a widely circulated peer-reviewed journal, intended to increase knowledge by highlighting empirical, theoretical, review, applied, and policy articles reporting research on child development. Bornstein is the head of Child and Family Research, and senior investigator at the National Institute of Child Heath and Human Development. He obtained a B.A. from Columbia College, and both his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Yale University. He is the recipient of numerous prestigious grants and awards. This article, written for scholars and professionals in the field of child development, discusses many apparent reasons for childbirth to be delayed. This study found that possible causes for delaying childbirth include marrying later in life, increased education, career mindedness, and elevated divorce rates. The researcher also found that older woman had more positive feelings toward parenthood and displayed higher levels of self-awareness. Woman who have better attitudes toward raising children are more likely to delay their own reproduction, in order to give their children an optimal upbringing. A very evident maturity and practicality link can be made between this research and the study made by Desjardins, Zelenski, and Coplan (2008), whose article is summarized below. Both articles deem an older parent’s grounded nature as a precursor to parental satisfaction. In addition, the authors discuss

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