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Delaney Mossbacher Delaney Mossbacher is one of the main characters in The Tortilla Curtain. After his divorce from his first wife; he married Kyra and moved from the East Coast to Arroyo Blanco. He lives with Kyra, her son Jordan, their cat Dame Edith, and their two dogs, Osbert and Sacheverell. Their home is in the white, middle-class neighborhood of Arroyo Blanco Estates in Los Angeles, California. Delaney is an avid hiker and nature lover, so much so that he writes a column called "Pilgrim at Topanga Creek" for the nature magazine Wide Open Spaces, a column which discusses daily observations from a naturalist's point of view. He strongly values having a strong connection and proximity to nature, which is why he chose Arroyo Blanco to. He also claims to be in favor of immigrants and immigrants' rights. Right at the beginning, we get to know that Delaney is materialistic and claim to be a liberal humanist. Delaney is a very organized person. Everyday he makes and eats breakfast with his family then sends Jordan to school. He would write every morning after he finishes his daily routine. Right at the beginning, Delaney has an accident with an illegal immigrant named Candido. This accident simply reveals the true values of Delaney who, though he claims to be very liberal and equally caring of all people, is content to give a seriously injured Cándido twenty dollars in exchange for just walking away and not trying to get insurance benefits out of him. When he hit his victim, his first thought wasn’t about the person he hit but rather about his car and his insurance rates. His salesman at the dealership even compares hitting a Mexican man to hitting a dog on the road - it is unfortunate but there are no serious consequences or reasons to be worried. The experience haunts Delaney because he has been forced to interact with one of these Mexican

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