Delamere & Steinway Essay

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What are Delamere’s strengths and weaknesses? What does it deliver to customers that other vineyards do not? What does it take to be outstanding in the wine business? STRENGTHS: * Richardson’s knowledge of agricultural and bio chemistry are the source of Delamere’s strengths. He took advantage of his scientific training and advice of others preceding him to understand the business of growing grapes and making wine. His family background was also strength for Delamere. * The cooler temperature of Tasmania encouraged quality grapes although with low yields and high cost * The “Cellar Door” feature provided a vital connection between Richardson and his customer. Through it, he could maintain direct contact and gain daily insight into the reactions to his wines. * Being proprietary in nature, he could experiment with wine making and apply his scientific knowledge WEAKNESSES: * The cooler temperature of Tasmania resulted in lower yields of grapes and higher per unit cost * Being smaller in volume and financials, Delamere could not afford to continuously experiment with wine making sustaining heavy losses like boutique wine makers could * In the past he has faced inconsistent quality in Pinot Noir Wine. Delamere delivers to its customers a unique combination of personality and character using a strong foundation of science and technology. Richardson’s lack of formal training allows Delamere to experiment and come up with products that “literally dances on the tongue”. Understanding the fact that human nose can distinguish at least 2500 different aromas as compared to four basic tastes by the tongue, is essential to be successful in business of wine. Once combined, these two features brings out an individual’s experience of life and art through the wine. Hence it is essential to have a clear understanding of the effects of different

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