Deinstitutionalization of the Mentally Ill Essay

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Because of the increasing number of inmates and mentally ill in the state of Michigan, the state has taken a hands-on approach to accommodate them. A coalition of police, government, and social service workers has been put into place and has taken initiatives to improve the way these individuals are treated. The belief is that by treating and preparing these people for re-entry to society can not only use the taxpayers’ money in a productive fashion, but make the streets safer for everyone involved. The Michigan Partners in Crisis are committed to provide quality treatment and support for children and adults who are suffering from emotional and mental disorders. They focus on more than mental issues however; they also inform the public of the issues the mentally ill are facing. They are also committed to eliminating solitary confinement of mentally ill prisoners, and they have given the State Department of Community Health more authority to handle the cases they are given (Mental Health Association in Michigan, 2010). People should be more informed about mental illness. It is an area that there is plenty of room for improvement (Health & Medicine, 2008). Community service workers should be trained on how to handle people with mental illness, and programs for those who suffer from mental illnesses should be instituted. Training, education, and job placement opportunities would all benefit them. There are plenty of jobs available that need little to no training that people with mental illnesses could apply for. The human services industry can take this opportunity in history to make a difference to people who suffer from mental illnesses. They can give them a chance to become productive members of society instead of the burden that many believe them to be. References Mental Health Association in Michigan. (2010). Michigan Partners in Crisis. Retrieved from
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