Deinstitutionalization of the Mentally Essay

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Mostly, the article talked about on how the police officers in the community respond in situations where Persons with Mental Illness (PwMI) are involved in the crisis. The problems evolved on how police officers should deal with PwMIs , the right way of responding to them and the proper disposition of these kind of people. Because of the arousal of such problems, the policing of the PwMIs had become a problem-solving issue that needed much time to study for and be considered of. The impact in the local community that the deinstitutionalization gave was so strong that officers, advocates, and health service providers have had to come up with best solutions on how to deal with PwMIs that are being involved with crisis or crimes or any problems that are associated with them. They had to conduct their own surveys of the cases relating with it and had the police officers and health care providers collaborate with each other for a better outcome and easier management. They came up with special officers who specialized or well-trained about mental illness for the police will be able to determine whether the PwMIs are needed to be sent to jail, be disposed to a hospital or a mental treatment facility. This helped lessen the incarceration of huge amount of PwMIs, instead they were sent to mental health facilities for treatment. At first everything was not very easy for both the police and the health care providers but as the years passed by after some studies, things got better as they went through, of course through the help and coordination of the people involved in this type service. How is the local community dealing with related problems, such as homelessness, crime, and the spread of communicable diseases? The local community is following the guidelines of the government. The government pulled itself together to form programs that are helpful and
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