Dehumanization In Night By Elie Wiesel's Night

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Dehumanization has to be the most worst way to deprive a person from there humane self. In the memoir Night, Elie Wiesel, a 12 year old boy sentenced to a concentration camp, often has to deal with the horrific attempts to deprive him of his human qualities. Dehumanization remains a recurring event in Night which happens either physically or mentally. Dehumanization physically occurs in Night. Shlomo, Elie’s father goes to a meeting, as he returns from the meeting he has brought some bad news on his way back. Shlomo gets told thats everyone has start to pack because each person will be getting deported. Elie, his family, and others proceed in fear as “the hungarian police climb into the cars,eighty persons in each one. They [hand them] some…show more content…
The male jews get separated from the female jews than are proceed to get beaten then forced to take off their clothes once the clothes were taken off they had to throw them which makes them cold also naked. Elie than gets dragged into a barber for all of hair to be all chopped off “their clippers tore out [their] hair, [shaves] every hair on [their] bodies. [his] head was buzzing; the same thought surfacing over and over: not to be separated from [his] father”(35). The germans want the jews to feel like they are less than regular humans so they proceed to cut off all their remaining hairs on there body than also by also trying to separate each one from there family after. Which mentally destroyed there mind and soul by how poorly perceived they are as a human. As Elies remains longer in the concentration camps the germans do not stop the torturing events. Once Elie and His father have cut their hair they try to find people who they know. They get assigned a labor unit after which means they will not immediately get sent to the crematorium to death. A long night passes, Elie gets beaten again than sent in line while, the SS officers bring in three veteran prisoners to tattoo numbers on each individual "in the afternoon, they made us line up. Three prisoners brought a table and some medical instruments we were told to roll up our left sleeves and file past the table. . . tattooed numbers on our left arms. I became
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