How Is A Degree Necessary For The Fulfillment Of My Career Goal??

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What is a degree? A degree is a certificate obtained after undergoing some higher level of education in a university. A degree will help me fulfill my career goal by the following; I will be able to carry out activities with dexterity, get a good job, perfect my performances and render quality services. After intensive studies and comprehension of a particular subject, I am offered a degree in that subject. The knowledge I acquired will help me carry out the required activity by the job with dexterity, that way my goals are achieved. It also makes my job search easier since I will be able to prove with a resume my personality and the high level of education I was able to receive. But without the degree I will not have the opportunity to carry out these activities neither will I be able to get a good job. The number of jobs that require a college degree as an advantage is increasing. In previous generations, there were many levels of jobs available for those without a college education or in some cases, even a high school diploma. However, now in our generation, many of these jobs simply do not exist any longer or now require college education. Most employers love to make sure their employees have a well rounded basic education so that they know the high level of profits their businesses could possibly achieve, a degree will help prove those qualities in them. Also, when I am well educated in my field of work, the output is efficient and easy. Having a degree in my field of studies will enlighten all the areas of my career that I did not know about, and I will be able to perfect my performances. If I am determined and hardworking, I will be able to complete my education and get a degree and therefore begin a career that will provide for me and pave the way to a secure retirement. Being without this degree, I will not be able to prepare for a career which could

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