Degrading Women In Rap Music

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Joe Dellaquila Eng 116L-124 Prof Neilson 11/4/11 Rap and Hip-Hop in Today’s Generation Rap and hip-hop artists glorify music and its people in a very different way than any other country or rock and roll artist can. Instead of singing about getting together with friends, having a good time and not having a care in the world, all rap artists sing about are trying to get with every girl in the club, smoking dope, getting shot at and watching their friends die or predicting their own death. Most people cannot listen or understand this music because it is almost like listening to someone sing in another language or the people cannot believe what they are hearing. The music is real, the messages are real and the people, especially women, find what is being sung in these songs offensive and degrading to them. This is what separates rap and hip-hop from any other music genre. One thing that is for certain is that music has a major effect on people’s lives. At some point and time during the day people take the time to relax and listen to music, whether it is in the car, at home, outside on the deck or even in the shower. Music influences people’s behaviors and attitudes which make them who they are. Every person has at least one favorite artist or band that they will always listen to and sometimes music can give another person an idea of what the person is like. When it comes to rap and hip-hop music many people can relate to what is being sung which will then give the listener different ideas on what is the right way to act towards the people they are around. There are countless songs on the radio today that deal with sex, crime, money and drugs. Some may think that this is the life but to others it just disgusts them. The way kids talk to each other in and out of school can be directed towards what they hear on the radio and what the rap artists sing

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