Degradation of Organic Waste in Water Using Nano Particles Essay

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“ DEGRADATION OF ORGANIC WASTE USING NANO PARTICLES ” “NRI INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY” DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL ENGINEERING T. Dileep Kumar -10KN1A0107 M. Madhu -10KN1A0125 CH. Naga Sai -10KN1A0132 D. Phani Teja Sharma -10KN1A0135 V. Prudhvi Raj -10KN1A0138 I. S. Surya Prakash -10KN1A0146 M. Venosh -10KN1A0156 Dr. N. S. Vijaya Kumar Mr. CH. Ch. Srinivas (Project Guide) (HOD) ABSTRACT: As Technology is levitating from day to days so we encompassed nano particles to take civil engineering wing a step higher. Nanostructured materials have opened new avenues in various scientific fields and are providing novel opportunities in environmental science. These nano scale particles like carbon nano tubes, bio active nano particles represent a new generation of environmental remediation technologies that could provide cost-effective solutions to some of the most challenging environmental cleanup problems. Usage of nano particles has a great potential to be used in waste water treatment. Its unique characteristic of having high surface area -to-volume ratio of nano particles can be used efficiently for removing toxic metal ions, disease causing microbes, organic and inorganic solutes from water. Now-a-days water contamination is one of the burning problems in which the world is facing today. So, nanotechnology has led to various efficient ways for treatment of waste water in a more precise and accurate way on both small and large scale. Nano structures offer several advantages over their bulk counterparts that could potentially be exploited for environmental remediation. For example, the higher surface area-to-volume ratio of nano structures could lead to an enhanced reactivity with environmental

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