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Mrs. Kazimer September 10, 2012 Forensics Science Chapter 1 Review 1. The word forensic refers to the application of the scientific knowledge to legal questions. False 2. Good observation skills come naturally to investigators; they do not need to be trained. False 3. If we remember seeing something happen, we can trust that it happened just as we think it did. False 4. Most wrongful convictions seem to be the result of faulty eyewitness testimony. True 5. The Innocence Project is an organization that seeks to get convicted killers out of prison. False 6. A forensic scientist is called to court of law to provide fact. 7. Our state of mind affects how we observe our surroundings. What mental state of mind is best for observing? Relaxed 8. The Innocence Project found that most faulty convictions were based on inaccurate eyewitness accounts. 9. All of the following are ways to improve our observation skills expect when collecting evidence, record only those things that you are sure are important. 10. The forensic scientist has many duties. Which of these is not a job for a forensic scientist? Sign a Cause of Death document. 11. Observation skills are important to forensic science because understanding our limitations helps us improve our observation skills. 12. Three ways we can improve our observations skills are make a conscious effort to examine our environment systematically, consciously decide to observe everything, no matter how small or familiar, and write down and photograph as much information we can. 13. Two ways our brain may alter sensory information is by applying previous knowledge to new situations and filling in gaps in our perception. 14. So lets say if there were two people at a bank and a robbery happen. Person 1 could have been feeling very angered about their day. Person 2 could be

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