Deforestation Affects Toucans

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Honors Biology Project Part One By: Logan Lazaras The ecosystem that is being studied in this particular assignment is deforestation. Deforestation occurs in many places all around the world. However, we will be discussing the affects of deforestation in the South African rainforest. This is a threat to many species within the destructed region. Trees and toucans are going to be the species studied during the report. There are non-living factors in the South African rainforest such as dirt/mud, rocks, and water. Deforestation originated with the arrival of Europeans to the Amazon region in the 1500s. Explorers discovered a plant called Pau Brazil. This was a genre of wood that was highly valued in all of Europe. They started to deforest the atlantic forest of brazil to sell all the brazil wood in the markets in europe and asia. This deforestation continued and eventually reached areas all around the world, including South Africa. Many things have changed in the South African rainforest due to deforestation. Tropical rainforests are rapidly disappearing in a way that will greatly have an impact on planet earth. Since 1950, half of all tropical rainforests are gone because deforestation, mining and many other things are taking nature away from us. In a few decades, it has been estimated that the rest will be gone if we measures are not taken soon. The WWF (World Life Federation) oversees this ecological threat. They are working to save nature by helping people live in harmony with nature. It is very important to appreciate what nature has to offer. Allowing deforestation take over is like giving the tropical rainforests a slap in the face. You can make a difference in the world by putting forth the effort to correct this situation. Remember, nature is our best friend so don’t treat it like our enemy. You can reduce your consumptions of paper

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