Deforestation Essay

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Destruction to Our Own By the time the next generation of kids reach 30, there will be no trees left on this earth. Even worse then that, 50 percent of plants and animals will become extinct in 2045. Deforestation is one of our top social problems, and yet we hear nothing being done about it. Right now, half of all forests on this planet are destroyed. This is an enchanting world. Camping trips, bonfires, hunting, and nature walks are just the some of the vast activities that we will not be able to share with our grandchildren, if we do not change. On top of that, trees keep our ecosystem in check. They are the second highest in storing and recycling CO2, below oceans. They act as shelters for humans and animals worldwide. They provide us with food as well as medicine, such as aspirin. It’s safe to say that without these giants, humans would not be here either. What caused this movement, what are the pros and cons, as well as how can individuals help? Poverty is one of the major contenders of this movement. It started with poor and uneducated farmers trying to create a living for themselves and their family. Due to their lack of knowledge on the subject, their plantations fail. Which in turn causes pointless destruction of trees and created unfertile land for further use. Even if they would have succeeded, majority of farmers plant commercial crops, which have no regeneration time, thus having the same effect. These farmers were lucky; because of the logging industry creating roads to dense locations in forests that could not have normally been accessed. Creating more widespread damage. Another reason is countries falling into debt to different countries. So these countries cut down valuable timber and sell it at high interest rates in an attempt to get out. In 1999, the world population was 6 billion; now in 2012, it’s 7 billion. The world is growing and

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