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So since it has been discovered all we have heard about is that the superstar Patriot quarterback is being accused of being dishonest for using deflated footballs because they are easier to grip and catch in order to win their way to the super bowl. In the article Mike Downey talks about this as well as questioning what about the former New England past catcher who has been charged with cold blooded murder and is about to stand trial for it and let’s not forget about the things that the football team members that have done that are so much worse than this possible infraction. Are we to praise these men for getting to the super bowl or scorn them for getting here by cheating their way to the almighty achievement? The author Mike Downey continues to talk about the amounts of money that several teams and members of teams have been fined over the years for the behaviors that have been deemed unacceptable ranging from 20,000 upwards to 500,000 but that never seems cease the behaviors they just seem to continue on with the hopes of not getting caught. In the end he proclaims why they can’t just play football. TV genuine enthusiasm and what Costas called "calculated displays of obnoxious self-indulgence." sportscaster Bob Costas got so sick of it, he once aired a commentary deriding football's "mindless exhibitionism" and "buffoonery," saying there's a difference between In my opinion the more that you are in the lime light the more controversy there always seems to be surrounding you. As the writer states more and more the NFL is becoming known as a bunch of thugs and punks with the abusiveness of women and the most recent murder in 2013 of Odin Lloyd by Hernandez. It seems gone are the days that the teams just used to play good old fashioned football against one another for the sport of it and win or lose because they were the best or the worse of the two teams. It

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