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Joseph Tuiteleleapaga Professor Diller English 100C 9 September 2014 Introducing the Modern Family American politicians are in a deadlocked battle of what a family is and who is in that family. Conservatives and liberals alike are trying to assemble factual claims for the family, but are only providing claims of value. Family can mean one thing to one person, but something completely different to another. The United States of America has gone through much turmoil and change in the past six decades. That societal change has forced society’s outlook from a white and black viewpoint to a perspective of endless gray. Today’s America is undergoing its last hurdle for civil rights. Smacked in the middle of that hurdle of civil rights is the definition of family. What is the family? Who is in that family? Family is a unit comprised of individuals that come together as a whole who both provide and look after one another and are not necessarily related by blood. Several social forces put pressure on the family unit and the definition family changes as the societal opinion of family and marriage evolves. The traditional nuclear family is comprised of a father, a mother, children, and maybe a dog. The Oxford dictionary defines, family, as a group of parents and their children or a group of people related by marriage or through having the same ancestors. The word family can encompass a very convoluted definition. One person’s biological family can be a terrible collection of people that treat him or her with such disdain. That same person can have tight knit group of friends who treat him or her with great kindness and welcome him or her into their own family. Sometimes the saying, “You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family” is a way of stating that a person’s friends are more

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