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Acidity: the concentration of acid in a substance, of which pH is a measure. The acidity level was too high to proceed Acid: a sour-tasting compound that releases hydrogen ions to form a solution with a pH of less than 7, reacts with a base to form a salt, and turns blue litmus red. The acid spill caused havoc in the territory. Acute: keenly perceptive and intelligent. I am acute in my studies. Acupuncture: the treatment of disorders by inserting needles into the skin at points where the flow of energy is thought to be blocked meridians. There is an acupuncture clinic nearby; would you like to give it a try? Agent: somebody who officially represents somebody else in business. My agent gets paid 2 million dollars a year. Navigate: to find a way through a place, or direct the course of something, especially a ship or aircraft, using a route-finding system. Are you sure we can navigate our ships through this? Alter: to make changes to something or somebody, or be changed or become different. We'll have to alter our plans. Alíen: a being from another planet or another part of the universe, especially in works of science fiction. The aliens are known to be super naturally smart. Altimeter: an instrument that shows height above sea level, especially one mounted in an aircraft and incorporating an aneroid barometer that senses differences in pressure caused by changes in altitude. I had to use an altimeter while parachuting into the ocean. Altitude: the height of something above a specific level, especially above sea level or the Earth's surface. The boiling point changes at different

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