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Definition of Terms HCS/553 – Health Information Systems Professor Derrick Dugeon May 18, 2015 Definition of Terms Abbreviations have existed as long as there has been written language and, almost every language has abbreviations. Convenience is one of the main reasons we use these contractions. Health care professionals are expected to know and understand the applicable terminology in the efforts to deliver the best quality services. Technology has evolved with time and the changes and demands of our health care system require computerized information systems to assist, unify and consolidate, organize, maintain, and exchange pertinent information. This assignment will provide definitions for: AMR, CMR, CMS, CMS-155, CPT, DRG, EPR, HL7, ICD-9, AND UB-92. Last, the importance of each term will be examined. AMR AMR is the abbreviation for the Ambulatory Medical Record which electronically stores medical records that do not meet the criteria for an inpatient stay. According to Ramsdel, J. (1986), these observation stays include procedure in an outpatient setting such as a physician’s office or surgical center in which the patient is observed for 23 hours or less (Ramsdel, 1986). CMR CMR stands for the Computerized Medical Record. The CMR is an electronic information system that keeps an electronic health record of every individual. The application of the computerized medical records is a requirement of the government. The CMR provides increased access to patient information, and the legibility of health care provider’s notes in an organized format, it also facilitates faster reimbursements by third parties. According to Medical Records (2015), the government has provided financial incentives of two percent to organizations and physicians who adopted to this digital shift in the health industry. Unfortunately, small hospitals in rural areas and provider

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