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Definition of Terms Definition of Terms The following information includes terminology, its definitions, and a brief description of its application to the health care field. Health care professionals are expected to know and understand the applicable terminology in the efforts to deliver the best quality services. Technology has evolved with time and the changes and demands of our health care system require computerized information systems to help organize, maintain, and exchange pertinent information. Ambulatory Medical Record Ambulatory Medical Record, (AMR), is electronically stored medical records that are not an overnight stay or in a hospital setting. This includes urgent care centers, physician offices, and services provided in the home health setting (Ramsdel, 1986). Computerized Medical Record Computerized Medical Record, (CMR), is an electronic information system which keeps records of an individual’s health. The use of computerized medical records is a requirement of the government and is necessary in order to receive payment from third party payers for services rendered. Benefits of computerized medical records includes increase access to patient information, faster reimbursement, legibility of health care providers, and information is better organized. Center for Medicare and Medicaid The Center for Medicare and Medicaid, (CMS), is a U.S. federal government agency founded in 1965 and Medicare and Medicaid began at this time. The CMS is working together with the states to ensure electronic charting is initiated and implemented, preventable services are available to the surrounding communities, and measures patient outcomes. The CMS reimburses hospitals and providers for billed services for those who carry Medicare and Medicaid (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, n.d.). Claim Medical Services CMS 1500 is a health insurance

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